11/3/2015 – Here’s Why Women Have Half the Retirement Savings of Men (Forbes)

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When it comes to their retirement savings, women take as many risks as men do, according to a new study byVanguard Research released last week. The study looked at 720,000 eligible employees, and found that in defined contribution plans—such a 401(k)s—women and men allocated roughly the same proportion of their savings to equity (73% and 74%, respectively).

 However, that’s not say there aren’t notable differences between how the genders invest. The study also found that women are more likely to turn to investment professionals to construct their portfolios: nearly 50% of all women did so, vs. 42% of men. This goes along with the traditional wisdom that men are overconfident investors; the professionally-managed portfolios outperformed those that were constructed by the plan’s participants.

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