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8/31/2015 – Will Mandating ‘Healthy Happy Meals’ Solve Childhood Obesity?

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Last year, a member of the New York City council proposed the “Healthy Happy Meals” bill, which if passed would require that fast-food meals marketed to children comply with several nutritional guidelines, including that they contain no more than 500 calories worth of food. It’s one of many legislative moves meant to counteract childhood obesity […]

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8/27/2015 – New spoons and plates make it easier for people with Alzheimer’s to eat

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When Sha Yao, winner of the inaugural Stanford Center on Longevity Design Challenge, was caregiving for her late grandmother who was living with Alzheimer’s, she quickly realized daily activities had become major obstacles for her beloved family member. One of the biggest hurdles for her grandmother was a seemingly simple activity: eating. So she developed […]

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8/27/2015 – Global life expectancy rises, but people live sicker for longer

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People around the world are living longer, but many are also living sicker lives for longer, according to a study of all major diseases and injuries in 188 countries. Read the full article at Reuters.

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8/27/2015 – Gen X: Sleeping Through The Retirement Wake-Up Call

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A few new studies show that although Gen X’ers have begun turning 50 this year — the youngest of them are about 35 — this cohort behind the boomers just doesn’t seem to want to wake up to retirement reality. Read the full article at Forbes.

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8/25/2015 – Over 46 Million People Now Have Dementia Worldwide

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More than 46 million people around the world suffer from dementia, according to a report released Tuesday. The World Alzheimer Report, published by Alzheimer’s Disease International and King’s College London, says the number of people affected by dementia has increased quickly from the 35 million estimated in 2009, and researchers warn that number could double […]

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8/21/2015 – This tableware is specifically made for people with Alzheimer’s

Aug 21, 2015 Comments Off

San Francisco based industrial designer, Sha Yao created Eatwell, a tableware set designed for people with dementia and other impairments. While the words are usually used interchangeably, Dementia refers to a group of symptoms, while Alzheimer’s is a disease. Sha Yao was the winner of the 2013-2014 Stanford Center on Longevity Design Challenge, “Maximizing Independence […]

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8/21/2015 – For seniors, any exercise may be better than none

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Even 15 minutes a day of brisk walking, cycling or swimming could help older adults live longer, according to a review of past research that found any physical activity is better than none. Read the full article at Reuters.

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8/21/2015 – As Workers Delay Retirement, Some Bosses Become More Flexible

Aug 21, 2015 Comments Off

Although having flexible work schedules and phased-in retirement programs is popular with workers, employers have been slower to adopt them in a formal way. A majority of employers with 50 or more employees do offer flexible work options to some of their workers. But few do for all. Read the full article at The New […]

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8/20/2015 – New Study Identifies 9 Risk Factors for Alzheimer’s Disease

Aug 20, 2015 Comments Off

The risk factors, which include obesity, low educational attainment and depression, might be preventable. Read the full article at Time.

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8/20/2015 – Why you need a vacation from retirement

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During our working years, few of us need any convincing to take a vacation. In retirement, however, it’s not always clear that a vacation makes sense. That should change. In the time period following full-time work, vacations may be as necessary as they ever were, if not more. Why take a vacation in retirement? After […]

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