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4/17/2014 – The 4 biggest mistakes retirement savers make

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The typical financial adviser serves about 160 households, according to PriceMetrix , a financial-practice management firm. These are men and women, with children and pets, working to pay their bills, plan for retirement, fund college and meet every other financial obligation of a modern family. And many of them are making the same mistakes. Read […]

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4/16/2014 – 5 Ways to Run Out of Money in Retirement

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Going without a spending plan and choosing the wrong investments will hurt your retirement income. Read the full article at U.S. News and World Report.

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4/15/2014 – Our Brains Begin to Slow Down at Age 24

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Is 24 the new 50? A new study suggests that cognitive decline begins earlier than we think. The study of more than 3,300 volunteers tracked the relationship between age and the speed at which people make decisions and shift between tasks. Read the full article at Time.

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4/14/2014 – Cultivating happiness often misunderstood, says Stanford researcher

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Research conducted by Stanford social psychologist and Center on Longevity faculty affiliate Jennifer Aaker explores the concept of maximizing happiness, and finds that pursuing concrete “giving” goals rather than abstract ones leads to greater satisfaction. Read the full article at Stanford Report.

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4/14/2014 – Finding May Explain Why Women More Likely Develop Alzheimer’s

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Scientists haven’t pinpointed a definitive cause for Alzheimer’s disease—a fatal brain disorder that robs people of their memory and cognitive abilities. But now Stanford researcher and Center on Longevity faculty affiliate Michael Greicius has uncovered an intriguing clue about why more women than men develop the condition. Read the full article at Science.

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4/14/2014 – Center on Longevity competition challenges students to design products for seniors

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The winning entry of the Stanford Center on Longevity’s design contest featured tableware for people with Alzheimer’s. The idea is to introduce young designers to how the population is aging while tapping their creativity and enterprising ideas. Read the full article at Stanford Report.

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4/12/2014 – Is Your Home Age-Friendly?

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If you’re concerned about how well a fit you and your home will be as you age and your physical abilities change, an occupational therapist or certified aging-in-place specialist can conduct an assessment of you and your home. Read the full article at AARP.

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4/11/2014 – Tips to Manage Spending in Retirement

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Advisors put a considerable amount of effort into talking to clients about accumulating a life savings. But advisers and their clients tend to devote less thought to how to spend that money when it’s time. Read the full article at The New York Times.

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4/9/2014 – Financial discipline = happiness in retirement, study says

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People who are financially disciplined feel more secure about their finances and are likelier to be happy in retirement, according to a new study. Read the full article at Los Angeles Times.

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4/8/2014 – Easing the burden of long-term medical demands for family caregivers

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For the 42 million Americans who take care of loved ones at home, the responsibilities of care — once the purview of trained nurses — have become increasingly complex. AARP has begun to advocate for greater caregiver support through public policy and legislation, but the health care industry may be wary of additional regulation. Special […]

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