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7/22/2014 – How Much Will You Need to Retire?

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The classic idea of retirement is a life of uninterrupted leisure is evolving. With people living longer, they’re more active in the early years of retirement, and many choose to focus this energy on a retirement lifestyle that’s much different than the stereotype. In this kind of retirement, people may do volunteer work, start a […]

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7/18/2014 – Learning to Make Work More Like Summer Camp

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As baby boomers redefine retirement and puzzle about how to stretch their nest eggs, they are negotiating the boundaries between work and leisure. In a 2013 study conducted by Merrill Lynch and the consulting firm Age Wave, 70 percent of preretirees said they wanted to work after retirement but most were “seeking flexible work arrangements […]

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7/17/2014 – At Nursing Homes, Medicine That’s Heard

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In “Alive Inside,” Michael Rossato-Bennett’s purposeful documentary about the rejuvenating power of music, the fountain of youth exists. And it bears an Apple logo. Read the full article at The New York Times.

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7/17/2014 – Latest Wrinkle In The Jobs Debate: Blame The Boomers

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Since late 2007, the U.S. labor force has shrunk significantly, raising questions about where former workers have gone and why. Now the White House Council of Economic Advisers says it has found answers and has compiled them into a detailed research report released Thursday. As it turns out, most of the missing workers have been hiding in […]

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7/16/2014 – Yes, there is a retirement savings shortfall

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In an article in National Affairs, Andrew Biggs, of the American Enterprise Institute and Sylvester Schieber, an independent pension consultant and former chairman of the Social Security Advisory Board, question whether we are, in fact, facing a pensions crisis. Read the full article at MarketWatch.

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7/15/2014 – Aging adults optimistic about what lies ahead

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They’re either optimistic or delusional, but 89% of older adults and 84% of younger adults say they’re confident they can maintain a high quality of life throughout their senior years. Read the full article at USA Today.  

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7/15/2014 – Small Changes, and Hopes, for Preventing Dementia

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What we really want, if we’re honest, is a pill or a shot that would allow us to stop worrying about ever sinking into dementia. Instead, what we’re hearing about preventing dementia is, in many ways, the same stuff we hear about preventing other kinds of illnesses. Healthy lifestyles. Behavioral modification. Stress reduction. Read the […]

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7/14/2014 – Why Taxing the Rich is the Wrong Way to Fix Social Security

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It may feel good to jack up payments by wealthier earners, but Social Security is a safety net, not a tax collector. Read the full article at Time.

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7/13/2014 – Retirement saving makes one wealthy, healthy

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Workers who are saving for retirement are more inclined to care of their health than those who aren’t salting away money in their nest egg, according to a study conducted by Lamar Pierce, an associate professor at Washington University, and doctoral candidate Timothy Gubler. Read the full article at USA Today.

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7/13/2014 – Alzheimer’s researchers hunt for new tools to identify disease’s onset

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A simple test of a person’s ability to identify odors and noninvasive eye exams might someday help doctors learn whether their patients are at risk of Alzheimer’s disease, according to research to be presented Sunday. Read the full article at The Washington Post.

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