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6/30/2016 – Middle age and weight challenges

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Weight management is challenging in our “middle-age” years. Whether because of genetics, aging, hormones, lifestyle, or “life changes,” it is tough for many to lose weight and harder to keep from re-gaining it in these years. While many men deal with similar issues, women face the additional mid-life challenge of menopause. Is mid-life weight gain […]

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3/14/2016 – How advances in virtual reality will change how we work and communicate

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“People love this technology,” Bailenson says. “They love to interact with digital versions of others. What VR does is it takes all the gadgets away, it takes all of the multitasking away and you actually feel like you’re with someone. We call this social presence — you see their emotions, you see their gestures and […]

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3/14/2016 – The most important letter you may ever write

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Decisions about end-of-life care are often left to others who, while well-intentioned, may opt for treatments that can cause suffering and pain and lead to an undignified end, says Stanford palliative care expert and Center on Longevity affiliate V.J. Periyakoil, MD. “I tell people that proxy decision-making is one situation where those who love you […]

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1/19/2016 – Connected Horse Project pairs dementia patients with horses in new therapy program

Jan 19, 2016 Comments Off

A new program conducted at Stanford Red Barn, home to the Stanford equestrian team, offers guided workshops with horses to teach young people with early onset dementia to build confidence, trust and a sense of community. Read the full article at The Stanford Daily.

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1/19/2016 – Doctors get less aggressive care before death

Jan 19, 2016 Comments Off

Doctors tend to get less aggressive care before death than the average person, a new study finds. Read the full article at Reuters.

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1/7/2016 – Odds are good that risky gambling choices are influenced by a single brain connection

Jan 08, 2016 Comments Off

Whether a person will place a risky bet comes down to a newly discovered tract of neurons spanning two brain regions. The findings by Center on Longevity faculty affiliate Brian Knutson could help understand and treat gambling or addiction disorders. Read the full article at Stanford News.

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