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12/26/2016 -Finding reasons to be cheerful gets easier with time

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“When you focus on emotionally meaningful goals, life gets better, you feel better, and the negative emotions become less frequent and more fleeting when they occur,” says Laura Carstensen, director of the Stanford Center on Longevity. Read the full article at Chicago Tribune.

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12/7/2016 – The Power of Purposeful Aging: Culture Change and the New Demography

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Read the latest report from the Milken Institute Center for the Future of Aging on the power of purpose for older adults. The report describes the untapped potential of older adults, laying out the many physical and cognitive benefits that #purposefulaging provides older people and society at large. Read the report at The Milken Institute.

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10/20/2016 – Do brain-training exercises really work?

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A battle has been brewing over whether brain training really works, leaving consumers stuck in the middle, scratching their heads. Read the full article at CNN.

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10/18/2016 – Five faculty members elected to National Academy of Medicine

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Among the elected Stanford faculty members are Center on Longevity director Laura Carstensen, and deputy director Thomas Rando. Read the full article at Stanford Medicine.

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10/11/2016 – Let’s retire retirement

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At a recent BlackRock Retirement Roundtable, Stanford’s Laura Carstensen, Encore’s Marc Freedman and Brookings’ Josh Gotbaum discussed the different ways that our current concept of “retirement” is outmoded. Read the full article at BlackRock Blog.

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9/13/2016 – A call for intergenerational engagement

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Bringing older adults and children together can offer both groups big benefits, a new Stanford report concludes. “There is growing reason to think that older people may be just the resource children need,” said Laura Carstensen, PhD, who led the report and is the founding director of the Stanford Center for Longevity. Read the full […]

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9/8/2016 – Older people offer the resource that children need, Stanford report says

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New Center on Longevity research shows that aging adults play critical roles in the lives of young people, especially the most vulnerable in society. Volunteering is one way to bring older adults and young people together. The key is to change social norms to encourage relationship building between generations. Read the full article at Stanford […]

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8/24/2016 – The aging paradox: The older we get, the happier we are

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Research suggests that your overall mental health, including your mood, your sense of well-being and your ability to handle stress, just keeps improving right up until the very end of life. Read the full article at Los Angeles Times.

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8/19/2016 – Baby boomers have trouble making new friends in retirement, research shows

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The older people get, the more challenging it can be to make friends, and that’s especially true after retirement as work is one of the most common ways to meet people. Research from the Stanford Center on Longevity shows of all the age groups, baby boomers show the most signs of disengaging from traditional modes […]

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5/19/2016 – Let’s Shrink Retirement

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Retirement is too long. We haven’t adjusted to longer lifespans and greater physical and mental capabilities in our later years. As a result, the notion of retiring at 65 is outmoded for most—and even dangerous for many, who can’t possibly save enough over their working lives to cover a 30+-year retirement. I ask people all […]

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