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12/26/2016 -Finding reasons to be cheerful gets easier with time

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“When you focus on emotionally meaningful goals, life gets better, you feel better, and the negative emotions become less frequent and more fleeting when they occur,” says Laura Carstensen, director of the Stanford Center on Longevity. Read the full article at Chicago Tribune.

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12/21/2016 – Retirement Wellness: Toward a More Complete Framework

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A Stanford Center on Longevity project with support from the Society of Actuaries recently drew up a road map for thinking about living long and living well in America. Results identified three domains for successful living in old age: healthy living, financial security and social engagement. My own approach to retirement wellness includes these three […]

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12/7/2016 – The Power of Purposeful Aging: Culture Change and the New Demography

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Read the latest report from the Milken Institute Center for the Future of Aging on the power of purpose for older adults. The report describes the untapped potential of older adults, laying out the many physical and cognitive benefits that #purposefulaging provides older people and society at large. Read the report at The Milken Institute.

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11/28/2016 – Oldest adults may have much to gain from social technology

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Adults over 80 who use information and communication technology are more likely to report mental and physical well-being, according to Stanford research. Researchers at the Stanford Center on Longevity find that adults over 80 benefit from using technology to connect with friends and family. “Critics say that people might not be able to connect with […]

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11/2/2016 – 6 retirement strategies from a local pro

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“What strategies does a retirement expert employ for his personal use? I bet you could learn a thing or two from a professional who has studied retirement all his life and is now in his early 60s, planning for his own retirement years. That’s me — I’ve worked as a consulting actuary helping employers and […]

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10/27/2016 – Here’s what happens when someone is forced to retire because they’re ‘old’

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Mandatory retirement is still in the workforce, and it’s causing problems as people live — and work — longer. Being compelled to leave a job because you’ve hit a certain age could impose significantly negative consequences on older employees, and experts say such a requirement shouldn’t exist at all. Read the full article at MarketWatch.

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10/21/2016 – How millennials can help themselves — and their parents

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A recent survey from Fidelity Investments offers a wide-ranging portrait of millennials’ money-related habits. And while some of its results show that many millennials do indeed mooch off mom and dad and often move back home to live with them, it also provides a different spin on those “boomerangs” who return to the nest after […]

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10/20/2016 – Do brain-training exercises really work?

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A battle has been brewing over whether brain training really works, leaving consumers stuck in the middle, scratching their heads. Read the full article at CNN.

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10/18/2016 – Five faculty members elected to National Academy of Medicine

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Among the elected Stanford faculty members are Center on Longevity director Laura Carstensen, and deputy director Thomas Rando. Read the full article at Stanford Medicine.

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10/11/2016 – Let’s retire retirement

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At a recent BlackRock Retirement Roundtable, Stanford’s Laura Carstensen, Encore’s Marc Freedman and Brookings’ Josh Gotbaum discussed the different ways that our current concept of “retirement” is outmoded. Read the full article at BlackRock Blog.

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