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11/30/2015 – Honda Lifts Retirement Age to 65 as Japan Inc. Copes With Aging

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Honda Motor Co. plans to shake up job terms next fiscal year and lift its retirement age by five years to 65, making the carmaker one of Japan Inc.’s biggest companies to take action in coping with the nation’s aging demographics. Read the full article at Bloomberg.

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11/13/2105 – Japan Aging So Fast That Seniors Now Make Up Over 10% of New Prison Inmates

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Older inmates are just one symptom of Japan’s rapidly aging society. Seniors are expected to account for 40% of the total population by 2060, according to the Economist. Read the full article at Time.

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11/2/2015 – What Singapore’s plan for an aging population can teach the United States

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Singapore, one of the world’s fastest-aging countries, has announced a massive, multipronged plan to help its citizens age successfully — one that advocates say leaves the United States in the dust. Read the full article at The Washington Post.

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10/29/2015 – China to End One-Child Policy, Allowing Families Two Children

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China’s Communist Party brought to an end the decades-old “one-child” policy on Thursday, when leaders announced that all married couples would be allowed to have two children in a bid to reverse the rapid aging of the labor force. Read the full article at The New York Times.

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10/6/2015 – Europe’s Aging Society Seen as Roadblock for Economic Revival

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Europe’s stability is proving to be the root of its economic weakness, economists said at conference in London. The region’s aging population, while providing a bulwark against dramatic upheaval, is struggling to adapt to a changing world, panelists said at the Bloomberg Markets Most Influential Summit on Tuesday. From its fading competitiveness in global markets to the […]

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9/11/2015 – Migrants could help solve Europe’s aging problem

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Concerns over the thousands of refugees entering Europe might have reached fever pitch, but many European politicians believe the newcomers are just what a rapidly aging Europe needs to thrive. Read the full article at CNBC.

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4/28/2015 – Will childless Millennials turn America into Japan?

Apr 28, 2015 Comments Off

Here’s a recipe for an economic armageddon: Take a rapidly aging society and a younger generation that’s not having kids. The result? An incredible shrinking economy that’s also burdened by huge costs to its Social Security and tax systems. Read the full article at CBS MoneyWatch.

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4/24/2015 – What Sweden and Japan Can Teach the U.S. About Its Aging Workforce

Apr 24, 2015 Comments Off

Around the globe many countries are facing a similar question: how to cope with a population where older residents will soon outnumber those who are typically considered working age, and what to do about elderly citizens who may not have enough money to make ends meet for the duration of their lives. One of the […]

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4/18/2015 – Japan’s Population Falls to 15-Year Low

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Japan’s population has dropped for the fourth year in a row, bringing it to a low not seen since 2000. The biggest problem for Japan may be the rate at which its population is aging. The number of people aged 65 or older in Japan has reached 33 million. More than 1 in 4 people […]

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1/22/2015 – Japan: No longer Asia’s fastest-aging nation?

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Taiwan is set to surpass Japan as Asia’s fastest aging nation this decade, experts warn, as a dwindling labor force poses a structural challenge to economic growth. Read the full article at CNBC.

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