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12/26/20015 – Are Your 20′s Too Young To Plan For Retirement?

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There are a bunch of stereotypes out there that millennials consider themselves young and invincible. Modern millennials are making progress in dismantling that particular stereotype. It turns out that, when it comes to buying healthcare at least, today’s twenty-somethings are fairly risk-averse, preferring coverage with lower deductibles and higher premiums. But does that forward-thinking tendency […]

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12/3/2015 – When It Pays to File Early for Social Security

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Filing for social security while your benefit is still growing sometimes makes sense. In deciding when to take Social Security, later is almost always better than sooner, and for good reason. A team including Stanford researchers John Shoven (SCL Faculty Leader) and Gopi Shah Goda (SCL Faculty Advisor) published a paper in 2015 concluding that […]

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11/17/2015 – For Women, Income Inequality Continues Into Retirement

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Poverty does not treat men and women equally, especially in old age. Women 65 years old and older who are living in poverty outnumber men in those circumstances by more than 2 to 1. And these women are likely to face the greatest deprivation as they become older and more frail. Read the full article at National […]

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11/17/2015 – We’re Living Longer. That’s Great, Except for Social Security.

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Children born today will most likely live on average to their late 80s, well above the current average life expectancy of 79. You probably think of this as good news, and from most perspectives, it is. But every rose has its thorn, and longer lives happen to create some problems for Social Security. As people live […]

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11/16/2015 – Women more worried about retirement

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In a stark contrast between the sexes, most women are worried about retiring and having enough money, while only about a third of men share their concerns, according to a recent survey. Read the full article at Chicago Tribune.

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11/13/2015 – Taking Care of Your Aging Parents? It’s Going to Cost You

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It’s that circle of life. Once upon a time, your parents took care of you. And if your parents are lucky to live long enough, you may end up taking care of them. While you may be happy to help your parents in any way you can, becoming a parent’s caregiver can be a blow […]

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11/6/2015 – Women Are Beating Men at Retirement Savings

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In the U.S., the average woman is expected to live five years longer than the average man—a fact that leads to the financial advice that women should probably save more for retirement. A new white paper from Vanguard finds that not only are women overall 14 percent more likely than men to participate in workplace-savings […]

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11/6/2015 – After Years Out of a Job, Older Workers Find a Way Back In

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For older Americans, paths to returning to full-time work vary. Some go into consulting, others seek specialized knowledge and new contacts by working as a volunteer. Still others resume their education through courses online or at a for-profit or community college, while some enroll in professional association courses. Many decide to start a business. The […]

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11/4/2015 – Warn your grandmother: Alleged multimillion scam preys on kind-hearted elderly

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“Hi Grandma, I need your help.” For many unguarded elderly people, this line is where the trouble begins. It comes from a distressed “relative” — a grandchild, niece or nephew who has gotten herself into a bit of trouble abroad. Sometimes it’s getting arrested on minor drug charges; other times it’s a car accident. Regardless, the […]

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11/3/2015 – Men’s Retirement Savings More Than 50% Bigger Than Women’s, New Study Shows

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Add this to the ongoing debate over pay inequality between the sexes: according to new research, men’s retirement accounts are more than 50% higher than women’s on average in the U.S.  – despite women being far, far better savers than their male counterparts. Read the full article at Forbes.

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