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12/29/2016 – A Gut Makeover for the New Year

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If you’re making resolutions for a healthier new year, consider a gut makeover. Refashioning the community of bacteria and other microbes living in your intestinal tract, collectively known as the gut microbiome, could be a good long-term investment in your health. Read the full article at The New York Times.

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12/28/2016 – 85-Year-Old Marathoner Is So Fast That Even Scientists Marvel

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It is not his arm, but his legs and lungs that have made Ed Whitlock a scientific marvel and octogenarian phenom. In October, at 85, he set his latest distance-running record, completing the Toronto Waterfront Marathon in 3 hours 56 minutes 34 seconds and becoming the oldest person to run 26.2 miles in under four […]

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12/21/2016 – Retirement Wellness: Toward a More Complete Framework

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A Stanford Center on Longevity project with support from the Society of Actuaries recently drew up a road map for thinking about living long and living well in America. Results identified three domains for successful living in old age: healthy living, financial security and social engagement. My own approach to retirement wellness includes these three […]

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12/16/2016 – Longevity: The Economic Opportunity Of Our Lifetime

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As we live longer, our society is being transformed in ways we couldn’t have imagined. It’s vital that individuals and businesses recognize the tremendous potential of this longevity revolution. Far from being an economic challenge, our aging population could generate the most significant economic opportunity of our lifetime. The “Silver Economy” is becoming an increasingly […]

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12/7/2016 – The Power of Purposeful Aging: Culture Change and the New Demography

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Read the latest report from the Milken Institute Center for the Future of Aging on the power of purpose for older adults. The report describes the untapped potential of older adults, laying out the many physical and cognitive benefits that #purposefulaging provides older people and society at large. Read the report at The Milken Institute.

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12/5/2016 – The Taxing Problem Due to an Aging Population

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Why are state fiscal leaders concerned about the aging of the population? As people age, they are inclined to earn less, and as a result they bring in less money for states through income taxes. They’re also inclined to spend less, which can decrease sales tax revenue. Read the full article at Next Avenue.

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12/3/2016 – The ‘Never-Retirement’ Plan: Many Millennials Plan To Keep Working, Survey Says

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Are some millennials planning to work, well, forever? It seems so, at least according to a new report looking at financial plans of Americans. A stunning 83% of millennials said they intend to work in retirement, according to the discount brokerage service Merrill Edge’s survey of more than 1,000 Americans conducted this fall. Compare that […]

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