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Summary of Design Challenge Community Input

Over the past two months, we have been soliciting inputs from the user community on where they see the biggest opportunities to affect positive change in the lives of people with cognitive impairment, their families, and their caregivers. 21 people from the community have responded, and their input is a window on the lives of those dealing with cognitive impairment.

All of the inputs in their original form have been posted for design teams to review.
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Who Submitted Suggestions
Professional caregivers and family members were the most likely to submit suggestions. Of the 21 relevant suggestions, 11 were from people in the care giving industry, with 7 coming from family members, some of whom identified themselves as “family caregivers.”

Responses to our requests for suggestions were varied, but some trends did emerge.  Needs centered around maintaining a safe environment and systems that can provide reminders were the most frequently suggested, followed by suggestions for training and for battling loneliness and maintaining engagement.