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9/15/2014 – Ideation Workshop

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 2.14.34 PMThe Ideation Workshop was a pre-Kickoff event that brought together Design experts from IDEO and older adults from the Stanford and Bay Area community to identify areas of focus for the Challenge. This workshop featured design thinking instruction, followed by facilitated brainstorming and ideation sessions. Insights will be used to inform the Challenge, and ideas will be shared with student designers to optimize innovation submissions.



Stanford Center on Longevity, Aging 2.0, & IDEO

“I haven’t seen the moon and stars for years because I’m looking at my toes.”


Alex Barker
SCL Contributor

In collaboration with Aging 2.0, the Stanford Center on Longevity opened their 2014-2015 Design Challenge with a dynamic and fun need finding workshop. Led by IDEO design researcher Arianna McClain, the workshop engaged over 15 seniors in exploring potential areas of focus related to mobility issues for older adults.

Representing a cross section of seniors from the Stanford and Palo Alto community, the group ideated around themes related to mobility that included staying active, mobility in the community, and mobility at home….Read more >