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Geoff Nudd

Founder and CEO, ClearCare

Nudd150x150Geoff founded ClearCare after personal experience as a family caregiver. He realized that there had to be a better way to give transparency to family members leading to ClearCare’s early point-of-care innovations and a cycle of ongoing innovation in partnership with ClearCare’s customers. Geoff has over fifteen years of experience in software development and is an alumnus of companies such as Motorola, Andersen Consulting, and Merrill Lynch. Prior to launching ClearCare, Geoff successfully sold his last venture to a Google/Facebook company. Geoff received his B.A. from Northwestern and M.B.A. from Kellogg. Geoff grew up in Texas but moved to the Bay Area and was fortunate to be eventually followed by all of his immediate family. He is happily married to Andrea and has an enthusiastic labradoodle named Charley and a new baby girl Kate!