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Gretchen Addi

Associate Partner, IDEO

Addi_15x150Gretchen Addi is an Associate Partner andbusiness lead in the Bay Area. She iscurrently leading IDEO’s efforts to build a domain of work in the Aging space as well as providing mentorship and guidance to the Design Research discipline. She is passionate about the power of empathy and design, and the people who make it happen as well as the author of an internal point of view to better understand the needs of the aging population.

Since joining IDEO in 2000, Gretchen has participated in such diverse projects as future work environment scenarios; an exploration into the future of healthcare through the patient and family experience; product and service concepts for retirement planning and aging in place; and international interviews and observations around automotive, health and home care products. She brings a strong strategic point of view to all of her work, both from a brand and service perspective.

Prior to IDEO, Gretchen worked for various large and small design and architecture firms in the US and abroad on a wide range of retail, commercial, and healthcare projects. She is a speaker at various design conferences and has organized a number of seminars and events for professional organizations as well as serving as an instructor at California College of the Arts in San Francisco.