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Legal Counsel for Designers

Joe Hustein, Lecturer, Mechanical Engineering-Design, Stanford University
In connection with the Center of Longevity’s Design Challenge, Joe Hustein, Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering-Design at Stanford University has offered to counsel participants, as he has been doing for years with Stanford students, on legal and business questions they may have in crossing the gap between creation and commercialization of their product designs. Specific areas include IP (patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets), licensing, ownership, assignments, confidentiality, liability, and business strategies.

JEH photoIn the Product Design Department he teaches a course that he created entitled Technology Licensing and Commercialization. Both in his course, in lectures for other classes, and in his work outside of Stanford, his focus is on the interplay of commercial law, intellectual property, and business strategies, with a special emphasis on product design and related professional services. His course is popular not only with engineering students but with students from the law school and other departments around campus. He has more than three decades of experience in private law practice and as the general counsel of Silicon Valley companies. Currently he consults with product design firms whose work spans a wide variety of consumer, industrial, and medical products. Before becoming a lawyer, he was an engineer in US space program and later had a sideline as a computer technology writer. Academic credentials include degrees in law (JD), management (MS), electrical engineering (BS), and industrial design (BFA).

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