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9/23/2014 – Design Challenge Kickoff

The Kickoff Event was the official launch for the Design Challenge. This event featured thought leader talks, Ideation Workshop senior user insights panel, and networking reception. Presentations and discussions informed contestants, sponsors, and the community about the background of the Challenge, establish the need for the current topic, and allow the audience opportunity to ask specific questions to end users to better inform innovations.

Videos from the Kickoff

[su_youtube_advanced url="http://youtu.be/RSADokSyoyM?list=UUb-a0MRs03uwp0M7wX9rzfg" rel="no"]

Kickoff Welcome

Ken Smith
Director, Mobility Division
Stanford Center on Longevity

Laura Carstensen, PhD

Laura Carstensen, PhD
Founding Director
Stanford Center on Longevity

Ideation Workshop

Lauren Grieco, PhD
Social Science Research Associate
Mobility Division
Stanford Center on Longevity