Linda Tarplin

Co-Founder, Tarplin, Downs and Young, LLC

Tarplin, Downs and Young, LLC was co-founded in January of 2006; Ms. Tarplin has been a leading healthcare consultant since 1993. Prior to that, she served in senior positions in the White House and the Department of Health and Human Services under two Republican Presidents. Ms. Tarplin was Special Assistant for Legislative Affairs to President George H.W. Bush, serving as the White House liaison to the Congress on health care issues. She also served under both Presidents Bush and Ronald Reagan in legislative and policy positions in the Department of Health and Human Services. Ms. Tarplin served in the Office of Legislative Affairs as the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Legislation overseeing legislative policies affecting the Department. Before joining the Reagan Administration, she was responsible for health care legislation for a Republican member of the Ways and Means Committee. In 1993, Ms. Tarplin was a founding principal of the OB-C Group (founded as O’Brien & Calio) and had built and managed their health care practice until the formation of the new firm.