People at the Stanford Center on Longevity

Center Faculty
Laura Carstensen – Director
Thomas Rando – Deputy Director
Philip Pizzo – Founding Director, Stanford Distinguished Careers Institute

Faculty Division Leaders
Jeremy Bailenson – Mind Division
James Landay – Mobility Division
John Shoven – Financial Security Division (beginning 2015-16)

Center Strategic Advisors
M. Michele Burns – Center Fellow and Strategic Advisor

Susan Golden

Managing Director
Rika Bosmans

Director of External Affairs
Nancy Easterbrook

Research Team
Martha Deevy – Senior Research Scholar and Director, Financial Security Division
Tamara Sims – Research Scientist
Ken Smith – Senior Research Scholar and Director, Mobility Division
Amy Yotopoulos – Director, Mind Division
Steve Vernon – Consulting Research Scholar, Financial Security Division

Marti DeLiema – Postdoctoral Research Assistant
Sasha Johnson-Freyd – Social Science Research Professional
Jialu Streeter – Research Data Analyst
Jonathan Streeter – Social Science Research Professional
Iya Vargas – Research Assistant

Administrative Team
Deepika Jain – Executive Assistant to the Founding Director
David Pagano – Web Developer
Ingrid Sonntag – Administrative Associate